Well, this post is going to be something like an intro, what I am going to write about on this blog. There is no need to guess that I will write about what interests me in the online business and what I do actively to make money online. What I have learned from past years, is that passive income doesn’t exist. The time is changing, the search engines are changing, the recipe for quick money for less work is hard to find. Anyway, making money online is the best job I have ever found. But it takes time, passion and patience to see results. A lot of patience. But don’t give up. When you find a recipe, you can duplicate it multiple times, and than you will make serious money and have the freedom to do what you like the most.

I would like to divide my blog into the following topics:

Topics on my blog

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Marketing tools
  • Online business
  • SEO
  • WordPress

I will hope that these topics, information and my know-how will be useful to you. I know this blog post doesn’t bring any value, so when I come up with some valuable content, it will be deleted. 

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